My EzineArticles Swag — and How it’s Affected Me

Friday before last, @ChrisKnight asked for a ReTweet of his “Follow @ChrisKnight” post, and promised swag to those who did. Because he is a great guy to follow on Twitter, and because I do love swag, I retweeted him; and, true to his word, he asked for my address and this last Saturday I received a box in the mail. In it were an “I Heart” coffee mug, a T-shirt and baseball cap, stickers, a pad of paper (“My Next 10 Article Ideas”), stickers and a monitor rearview mirror. The baseball cap, rearview, and stickers all include the words “Expert Author.” (He must have looked me up.)

I’ve had a brief and stormy relationship with; I’ve only published one article with them, and it took me three tries to get it through their editorial system. I’ve been less than excited about trying it again, although I’ve been following @ChrisKnight and @EzineArticles on Twitter for the great advice they give. But now I’m finding the printed words “Expert Author” in front of me to be a great incentive; I’m actually thinking again about how to tie articles to the subjects I’m covering on my blogs, and just typed up a rough draft of what will be my first submission in a long time. The back of my brain seems to want to earn the title I’ve been given.

I was just looking for free stuff; I’ve come away with motivation and incentive to create. Mr. Knight was looking for more Twitter followers; he’s gained not only those (I hope), but one more site member coming off the inactive list. Which just goes to prove that giving things away is not always a “no return” expense. The return just won’t always fit in the account book. 8-)

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