I’m Drownding in Info — How am I Supposed to Get Any Work Done?!?

So I ordered Stomping the Search Engines 2, which was (and will be) valuable info for way cheaper than usual; with STSE2 I got all of the bonuses, many of which are on the same 30-day trial as the magazine (and the disc — I was weak). So now I have audio and video lessons coming out my ears, and membership sites I need to go and take thorough looks at, to see how much I can learn and if I want to pay the fees after the trial is over. Many of the “free bonuses” came up on the thank you pages for opting into their lists, so I have to watch the videos NOW or lose them when I close the page. My browser gets slower and slower as these things build up (and better as I watch them — I’ve learned not to click on the email link until I know I’m ready to deal with whatever comes up. In other words — NO CLICKING DURING MY SOAP! Yes, I still watch the stupid soap. Now I just miss half of it because I’m doing other things while I watch it.)

[Soapbox: I’m really becoming convinced of something I’ve been reading from the time management gurus: multitasking is overrated, it reduces your effectiveness instead of enhancing it, and eventually it will make you stupid. Someone found a study proving that multitaskers have more attention and thinking problems than stoners. Really. And I’m beginning to understand how; just quiz me on the details of a movie I claim to have watched, all the while with my face buried in my laptop. I won’t know much more about it than if I had seen it a week ago. I keep looking up just after my favorite parts. It’s annoying. Anyway . . .]

So I have a month’s worth of info from STSE2, and at least a month’s worth of info from the bonuses (and only a month to get at it), and the streams I have set up in Reader and FriendFeed and FaceBook (which eats time all by itself) which can take all day to parse. So that’s three day’s worth of work in any given day.

And When during this time am I supposed to get any work done on my site???

For the past two days, ever since my STSE2 package arrived, I’ve been listening and watching stuff almost continuously. (<rant>Whatever happened to PDFs? Why does EVERYTHING have to be audio or video? Why do I have to listen to or watch you stutter, ramble on and get off point for an hour when I could read the transcript in 15 minutes?? I know it’s the latest greatest thing, but for Pete’s Sake, people! Different people learn in different ways — why do I have to be forced to deal with a format that is suboptimal for me just because it’s easier for you? Put some time into it, Dude! </rant>) I haven’t done a thing to PD — no blog posts, and no Pimp My Site Pages, as I wanted to have done by the weekend so I could shop for a WP guru.

I know it’s my fault: I have no discipline, and do tend to deal with whatever’s in front of me. If I’d lived in a perfect world, I would have had thirty days of uninterrupted time after the 30 Day Challenge to get my Web Site the way I wanted it, to get the traffic flowing and settle into a routine before I got swamped with new learnings. I’d have been better able to apply them. But NO — the rotten marketers have to ride the 30DC wave until every last drop of opportunistic cash is squeezed from every wallet. I don’t blame them for it; I just wish I could have chosen the time to receive it.

So I’m griping — and I’m typing this post at 1 in the morning because it was running through my head and I couldn’t sleep and I figured if I wanted to type it out, now is better than later — ’cause when am I going to have time later? I have got to manage myself better. I know that, and know how; it just seems impossible. It’s not really. Oh, look — new Tweets! Now, cut that out . . .

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