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Want Your Picture Next to All Your Blog Comments?

You’re being a good Net Citizen, participating in your community by weighing in on the posts of your favorite bloggers — but next to other people’s posts they have a picture, where your comments just have an outline. How do the other commenters get their pictures on other people’s blogs?

What they have that you don’t is a gravatar — an avatar linked to their email address that will show up when called for. The good news is that you can get a gravatar too, for free!

The site you need to go to is en.gravatar.com. There’s a great explanation of gravatars on that page, and they’ll walk you through the signup process. (All they need is your email, and you can add other email addresses — even have a different picture for each address!) When you put some effort into “personal brand recognition,” and you use the same avatar wherever you can as a recognition tool, having that gravatar available will be a big help.

If you have a WordPress blog (or at least a WPD blog — I have no idea whether this is a plugin thing or not), you’ll want to turn on gravatars so that everyone will have their picture show there, too. If you log in to www.yoursite.com/wp-admin, and go to Settings->Discussion, you’ll find the “Show Avatars” radio button near the bottom of the page. Click it, and Save Changes. Your time lag when a comment posts might be a tad longer, as the software goes and grabs the image, but I think having the images next to the comments is worth it. 8-) Have fun!

For 30DCers: How to Access your WordPress Direct Blog Without WPD

[To my non-internet-marketing friends: Hey, thanks for looking! This post is going to be IM-tech heavy, so if it sounds like Greek, that’s ’cause it is! It’ll be more fun next time, I promise . . .]

To My 30 Day Challenge Friends: Hi! I’m glad you found the best internet marketing training on the web! Hope you’re learning a lot and succeeding with your goals. My best wishes to you! I’d like to talk about how to get into your blog without going through WordPress Direct.

When I got my blog last month, the first thing I did was figure out how to get into it without using an intermediary; WPD is a great blog installer, and wonderful if you can use the Autocontent feature (I’m in a niche that doesn’t generate any content; my Google Alert on my key phrase only sends me email about my own posts), but I hate doing things through third parties when I can just do it directly. So I explored WordPress rather than WordPress Direct, and found out all the wonderful things that can be done there. Let me show you:

Assuming your blog URL is yoursite.com, you type yoursite.com/wp-admin into your browser. When it asks, your username is “admin” and your password is the one you gave WPD when you installed the blog. Ta-da! Welcome to your Dashboard! Here are buttons for writing a new page (like “About Us” or “Special Sales Offers” — things that stay the same no matter what) and writing a new post (blog entry). If you want to change your sidebar, you can get into it by clicking on the widgets hyperlink. In fact, there are a lot of hyperlinks on this page; every one takes you somewhere where you can change things. There are places to see your latest comments and trackbacks, news and new plugins; and WP news stories. It’s worth taking some time to explore it.

At the top of every page are tabs and links. The tabs are Write (page, post, or link), Manage (edit pages, posts, links and categories, among other things), Design (change or edit themes, play with widgets), Comments, and cformsII. Opposite the tabs are three hyperlinks: Settings (where you can set or change everything from the name of the blog to the names of your posts), Plugins (where you turn plugins on and off and change their settings), and Users (where you can add or delete other people, and change your own settings — I refuse to have posts by “admin” on a blog with my name on it! 8-)). And no matter where you are in what’s referred to as the “back end” of WordPress, there’s a link to the Dashboard — so you’ll never get lost.

And if you have a question, I just found a nifty resource in the most obvious of places — faq.wordpress.com. Click on the word in the tag cloud that comes closest to your problem, and get a list of questions that they’ve answered. Or you can ask in the comments, and I’ll do the best I can to find an answer.

Hope it helps!