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Next Up — OryCon!!

Hotay. So it’s now November; Halloween is over, the election is tomorrow and I’ve gotten my vote in (gods, I love Oregon!), the sky is a beautiful grey and it’s raining regularly. Now it’s time to concentrate on . . . ORYCON!!!

What is OryCon, you ask? It’s the Portland, OR annual fan-run science fiction convention. On the weekend of November 21-23, somewhere around a thousand of us weirdos are going to show up at the Portland Marriott Waterfront hotel in downtown Portland and hang out. There will be panels discussing SF, fantasy, horror, anime, costuming, writing, and even weirder stuff; there will be book signings, readings, a dealers’ room and art show, dances, singing circles, and the occasional pagan ritual, Christan prayer meeting, or Tai Chi class. There’s child care available, a Hospitality Suite, a masquerade so people can show off their costumes, and workshops for writers. It’s a lot of fun!

This year’s theme is “Days of Futures Past.” This should really appeal to the SteamPunk (Victorian era SF) and classic SF people; I’m just looking forward to an excuse to wear my new frock coat, and actually fitting in. Sure, I bought it from a Dr. Who costume site — but the nice thing about frock coats is that it fits into many different eras, spanning about 200 years, so I can get mistaken for whatever the viewer wants to believe. Perfect! Silly me, I’m also looking forward to loading down the pockets: pulling out a Star Trek communicator, then shoving it back with a “not that one — wrong dimension.” “Which wand is it that works over here?” The alethiometer should get a good workout too. (I love props! They’re so much fun!)

But the time to start planning is now. There’s nothing like the disastrous feeling that you left what you wanted at home. (Last year, I was working; I asked that things get packed, but MiLady was as frazzled as I was, and as a result I had no costume for Saturday night. Not this year, by golly!) I”m going to start now, putting aside clothing and props and making stuff is clean and that the batteries work and that I can pull off a great character this year — myself! I can’t dress up as someone else — I’d never pull it off. Now if I can just find a sprig of fake parsley . . . 8-)