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I Learned all my Life Skills from SF TV — and Helping End the ‘Great Content No Readers’ Epidemic

MiLady has found a bunch of 80s scifi TV, and we’ve spent the last week watching Buck Rogers. Now we’ve moved on to something she remembers and I don’t — though it looks familiar — called Voyagers. And I’m beginning to have an inkling of why I have a small problem with the real world.

There’s an application in FaceBook called Flair, where you can send your friends button pictures. I found one a while back that said, “I Learned all my Life Skills from Disney Movies.” I liked that button, but knew it wasn’t quite right; now I know what it should have said: “I Learned all my Life Skills from SF TV.”

Some of the beliefs I have that have gotten me in the most trouble came from TV. People are basically honest; troubles can be solved by talking about them until reason is agreed to by all parties; a friend wouldn’t con you; good people don’t change. It always worked for Buck Rogers and Captain Kirk! But walk out that front door, and Real Life hits you in the face — hard. People (as a herd, as faceless strangers on the street) suck. They’ll say anything to get what they want, and leave you hanging at the first opportunity. They’re rude and always angry, and more than willing to take it out on you.

I like my own little world much better than the real one. In my world, I get to interact with persons, not people — persons who read your words and consider them before replying. People who use their soapboxes to say things that are interesting and engaging and funny and thoughtful. It may be my own little world, but it’s OK — they know me there. I think I’ll stay. 8-)

Subject Change: I just read about a nifty idea over on Chuck Westbrook’s blog: a blogger’s reading club! Sign up to his RSS feed to get more info, but the basic idea is getting a bunch of people together and they all read the same ‘undiscovered’ blog for two weeks, commenting and trackbacking and generally boosting their stats, then moving on to another blog for two more weeks. You get neat new places to read and maybe subscribe to, the blogger gets increased traffic, Google love and valuable feedback — Everybody Wins. If you have the time to read one more blog regularly, give it a thought!

FaceBook is the Biggest Friend Tool / Time Sink I Know

I woke up in pain this morning. It’s going to be a Crappy Day. (“Have a Crappy Day!” “Why, thank you, Mr. Carlin. And a Crappy Day to you and your wonderful family as well!”) On Crappy Days the medication count is higher and the expectations are lower than usual. Most of the business goals go out the window — and really, when I’m feeling like this, do I actually churn out stuff people want to read? Not really. See for yourself.

So anyway — it’s a Crappy Day, and I’ve been rolling like a rotisserie in bed since 4, and I finally gave up on sleep at 7:30, and opened my trusty laptop. Now, when I went to bed last night at 10, I had no FaceBook notifications, nothing in my Google Reader, all my Tweets and FriendFeed items all settled, nothing but a couple pieces of email waiting till morning. My laptop lit up like a Christmas tree this morning — 30-some items in GReader, 9 notifications in FaceBook, 10 tweets (that’s what I get for following people in the UK and Austalia), and I don’t know what all. I just got done. 12:30, and I just got done. Now, I admit that I’m being slow today, but for Pete’s sake! How productive can everyone else be?!?

I feel forced to also admit that I actually read what I get; I actually do click on links to follow-ups; I actually try to understand what’s up. This morning’s big deal was the social networking stuff Google is trying to sneak over on us; and because it’s a Crappy Day, I spent more time than I should have on it trying to understand it. It turns out I stumbled onto the Google Profile a while ago, and filled it out, so that’s done; I just need to figure out the Friends Widget for Non-Blogger Blogs and
how to get the other end going. But it shows how rotten my powers of comprehension are right now.

And then there’s FaceBook. FB is the bane and boon of my existence. It’s been a wonderful thing; I can now look at a specific place in my profile and know that people give a hang (20 of them at the moment). I’ve connected with people I haven’t seen in years, people who’d dropped out of being social before we did and we haven’t seen them since, people who lived far away that I hadn’t kept up with. It’s all very cool! And there is stuff to do on FB, too. Games and puzzles and trivia and groups and fan pages and charity stuff you send to your friends and semi-pseudo role-playing games and . . .

This is where the bane comes in. When I can type in a list that long at top speed and stop myself rather than running out of items, then it’s just too tempting. I’m supposed to be working over here! Writing blog posts and running down affiliate offers and mocking up pages on PD to show WordPress gurus. All the stuff I feel guilty about while I’m building my castle or rearranging my garden or getting 90s on my Days of our Lives trivia quizzes. Of course, that’s also all the stuff I don’t have to worry about on a Crappy Day . . .

I can talk myself in circles, can’t I? Stream of consciousness, that’s what you get on a Crappy Day. Which is why I’d rather not try to do marketing stuff in this state.

So, to the point: Although you may see me fiddling in FaceBook throughout today, with any discipline on my part that will NOT be a regular thing. I can’t be doing this all the time or I’ll FB the house right out from under us. Money eventually needs to be made; Popular Delusions needs to be ready to be a community soonest; I’ve got to get content out so I can start marketing. The 2Du list for tomorrow will be long. PD needs to be ready by OryCon, so I can drop some flyers on the Freebie Table. A community needs people, after all.

Crappy Days are for notes. Non-Crappy Days are for Action. Today I take notes . . . 8-)