Well, Whad’ya Know? It’s a Blog!

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Well, Hi there, all you happy people! (Although I’m sure that as the first post on a new blog, it’ll probably get read by maybe three people. Thanks, you three.) I got tired of having a blog over here, a blog over there, trying to remember which social and bookmarking sites I’m on, and wishing that I had a central place to post my thoughts, show people my stuff, and talk up a blue streak without worrying that I was gonna get Bumped by the Powers That Be. So I bought myself one! I know that the current header and setup is a tad lame, but hey, it’s up and running!

When I interviewed for my last job, my soon-to-be boss asked me what three words a friend would use to describe me. My response:

“Friendly. Funny. Weird.”

For the year after she hired me that she was my boss, she would occasionally turn to the other person there at the interview and say, “Well, she warned us.” My answer was always, “I told you I was weird.”

It was actually pretty liberating — the very first job where I felt I could be me, and not hide behind a public persona. (Of course, you always have to filter for Mundania; I’m not going to wear my camo and tie-dye all the time! I mean personality-wise.) When I was told that the company was going to merge with another, keeping only 25% of the workforce, I saw an opportunity to take my severance pay and find a way to work from home and stay with my disabled wife all day (instead of leaving her alone for 12 hours a day and coming home worn out and pissed at the world). And in learning about internet marketing and social networking and finding your voice and building your personal brand, I decided that I might as well let all the weirdness hang out — why not? Talk about a unique voice!

I haven’t learned much about run-on sentences, though, have I? 8-)

Thus this blog. It’s a combination soapbox, writing practice platform, place to rant, and storage medium. I would love to have readers, but I can’t yet see it being a money site; I sure don’t intend to put a lot of marketing energy into it. All of that energy is going into my other site, Popular Delusions. It’s in a cloud of dust right now, as I try to figure out how to make it what I want it to be; I may give up on being cheap and just start writing for it, while I lay out my plans and see if I can find a WordPress guru I can pay to pimp it for me. But it’s definitely clear that I can’t keep waiting till it’s perfect! I’ve got to jump in! I will be writing in definite categories for PD; the rest can go here. That’s the plan, anyway.

So I figure I will probably be talking about a few interconnected ideas:

  • The WebWorld: Since my ‘job’ lately is internet marketing, and I’ve gotten myself pretty well woven into the Web 2.0 world, what I see and hear around here is going to be one of my topics of conversation. Can’t help it. And considering the incipient war that might be brewing, I might have uses for it too . . .
  • MyWorld: My World is a strange mix of reality, the SF/F Multiverse, and experience filtered through my own off-centeredness. If you stick around long enough you’ll hear about NewsCrows, invisible dragons, imaginary people who follow me around, and strange interpretations of every day phenomena.
  • WishList: When I find something cool, I want to document it. You might like ‘em, too.

And, of course, the categories are as fluid as a visit to the admin panel. The nice thing about a blog that doesn’t have to ‘follow the keywords’ is that it can grow and change as the winds take it. It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

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