We love the Muppets, Don’t We?

The title line was said by Denis Leary in No Cure for Cancer. He dared to make a joke about Jim Henson’s funeral, and a hush fell over the room. But he’s right — for some of us, the Muppets are just too cool. Someone posted this video to YouTube, and I had to post it; and a YouTube search for “Muppets” shows that over 45,000 videos have been posted by fellow fans. Ain’t that great?

I read a news story recently about Disney revitalizing the Muppets. They bought the rights in 2004, let them sit for four years, and now they plan a big roll-out. If they had let them out occasionally, they wouldn’t need the big to-do; but there’s a generation of kids out there that doesn’t even recognize Kermit, and DIsney’s hand-sitting has cost them and the Muppets and the kids. Phooey. But bringing them back out is good; they should never go away. Enjoy the video!

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