The Motivational Quotes on My Wall

In preparation for 2009, I’ve been reading a lot about goals and time management and self-help and whatever I could get my hands on. I’ve distilled it for myself into three “Motivational Quotes” that I hope will help me get my act together next year. (That’s tomorrow — yipes!) And, surprisingly, none of them are from my self-help reading! But they sum up stuff for me . . .

  1. Plant Your Seeds. My fellow Hippie-wannabes might giggle at this one — in the 60s, they were talking about a totally different type of seed — but for me it sums up some of the stuff I’ve been reading. If a farmer planted seeds expecting them to produce within 24 hours, he’d get laughed out of the Grange hall, right? Yet in the world of the Net, people expect their Virtual Real Estate to instantly produce all the time. Really, all you can do is plant your seeds — your blog posts, forum and other blog comments, your twitters and conversations on FriendFeed and FaceBook or wherever you hang out. You can’t tug on the plant to make it grow faster; all you can do is keep planting. You can’t harvest unless you plant first. So keep planting.
  2. Be Stronger Than You Were Yesterday. This quote is actually from Godzilla: Final Wars:
    “Kozama! No need to feel proud.”
    “But I won the contest, sir!”
    “The point is not to win. The point is to be stronger than you were yesterday.”
    I may not feel like exercising today, but that will leave me weaker tomorrow; I may not want to clean, but it leaves a bigger mess for later. Every step towards my ideal life makes me more able to live it; just like planting seeds in my virtual real estate. The goal for both of these is to take little daily cumulative actions. Trying for the Big Deal all at once, for me, is a sure road to procrastination. And I can’t afford to do that anymore.
  3. Keep Moving Forward. This one’s from the Disney film Meet the Robinsons, and is apparently taken from something said by Walt himself. You’d think that the last two sayings about small daily actions would be enough, but for someone prone to depression and occasionally obsessed with playing games like, “I Shoulda Known When” and “What the Frell Was I Thinking?,” this particular point needs to be emphasized. Looking back just shows your footsteps, where you came from; it is NOT going to help you get where you’re going. As any farmer can tell you, throwing the seeds just any old where is not the way to farm; any body builder or martial artist would say that just doing any old exercises is not going to get you the physical attributes you want. You need a plan; you need to be able to point to the horizon and say, “I want to get over there, and I have the map to do it.” I’m great with plans; I know just where I want to get. It’s actually getting there that I have issues with. So I want to remind myself to KEEP MOVING, and to MOVE FORWARD not backward.

So there they are, the three “motivational quotes” that are on my whiteboard at the moment. Only I would pick quotes from hippies, Godzilla and Disney to make a point for myself! But hey, it’s what works for me. What works for you? I’d love to hear what you use to keep yourself going. You can share by leaving your favorites in the Comments! And have a happy, prosperous and forward-moving New Year! 8-)

4 thoughts on “The Motivational Quotes on My Wall

  1. Isha aka Marysia aka ishabluebell

    Remember to fertilize the soil for those seeds (natural fertilizers ;-) ) and to water them LJF!

    What I do at new year: I write down the achievements of the previous year on one A4 and write down the achievements I will have by the end of the current year. The latter to be done in the present tense eg “I have ten niche sites and each of them is bringing me $xxx a month”


  2. LJF Wolffe Post author

    Very true, Isha! Farming the virtual real estate takes as much care and attention as real live land. The present tense is always important for affirmations and statements of intention — otherwise you wind up “wanting” forever. I appreciate you reminding me of that!

    [For the blog comments: What you’re looking for is under “Settings > Discussion,” the third (blue) box down. You can turn off moderating all comments there. I’ve got mine set up to moderate if there are >2 links in the post . . . so far so good!]


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