Resistance . . . I Haz It. HELP!!

Before the beginning of the year I wrote some goals for myself: making money online, losing weight, keeping up with Real Life, that type of thing. I was sincere when I wrote them, and still mean to carry them out; but here it is the start of the Second Quarter of the year and I’m still over 200 lbs., my house is still a mess, and I can’t seem to get myself to post anywhere on a regular basis. I spend my days keeping up with the social media I’ve subscribed to, reading my RSS feeds and tweets (and swearing when they come in 6 at a time when I’m trying to get something done — like right now) and keeping up with things to the point that I don’t get anything else done. A great excuse, ain’t it? No it’s not. I hate it. Yet I keep doing it. Ick. (I wrote a blog post about it over on LiveJournal.)

I ran into a book a while back with the title What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, and got to read the first few dozen pages in Google Books. It talked about Resistance, and how your own brain can stop you from making any progress. Of course, the sample at Google stopped before offering any concrete suggestions. I’d go out and buy the thing, if I had any money. Which I don’t because I’ve been frittering. Boo.

I’ve never been any good at the “Sheer Willpower Method” — force yourself to do it, Gorramit! — and apparently trusting myself is SO not working. So I would love any suggestions my wonderful readers might have. Please leave me a comment (let me know this gets read!), or add suggestions to Friendfeed for this post. Please? I need all the help I can get! 8-)

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