Goal Notes 2009

I’ve been writing some notes for myself about goals for the next year — and what better place to store them than here? At least I’ll know where they are in three months!

Goals: By 12/25/09, I will be:

  1. Making $2000/month or more online.
  2. Weighing 180 pounds or less.
  3. Leading/Part of the vibrant communities I’ve created on PD and HOOLD.
  4. Keeping my home clean & presentable, using rituals/routines created for that purpose.
  5. Having a social life, online and IRL.

[Make the money needed to be comfortable, while taking care of myself and losing the spare tire; finding my ‘tribe,’ my ‘Perfect Customers,’ and giving them a place to interact and help each other (while helping me, too, as I help them); using my thing for ‘ritual’ and routine to take care of neglected household stuff; and, for Pete’s Sake, interacting with real people, both online and face to face!]


{Yesterday afternoon @chrisbrogan tweeted, “Every Knight serves a King, but do all knights seek to be kings themselves?” This led me to scribble, “no, a knight serves (stewards) their fiefdom — more productivity for all!” And that led to this:}

If I’m a Knight, then my fiefdom is my internet real estate. PD is my marketplace and library, meeting hall and theater — my main street. HOOLD is my church, my forum, my place to inspire and share from all faiths. LJFW is my ‘living room,’ tourney-style; where I can tell my stories and share my personal weirdness. LJ is for things I wanna share with a larger audience [for now]; R&R is a little corner where I can get on my soapbox and rant without ruining my other ‘brands.’

A Knight is in service to his fiefdom — his people. He leads, but also serves. It is his duty to stay strong and encourage growth; it is his honor to be helpful, and his privilege to bring his people what he can find that’s encouraging. The better you are at reaching the people, at ‘check moves’ and ‘taking care of business,’ the more members of your community that you’ll find, and the greater the reward.

{“Tourney-style:” when we went to SCA tourneys on a regular basis, we had a tent (our “bedroom”) and a dining fly (our “living room”). People would stop by, we’d talk and laugh and ‘hold court’ and accept drinks and give out drinks and offer aspirin and play tablero and — well, you get the idea. We were pretty popular then, and could always get a good laugh with our little routines and silly stories. I want LJFW to feel like that. ‘Check moves’ and ‘taking care of business’ are from the Wombat Selling book. I got it online for free, and so can you.}


{A little later, another rant:}

When it comes to the brand “LJF Wolffe,” I am CEO, captain of the ship, Knight of the Keep. As such, it’s my job to plan and strategise the best way to make money and maximise my virtual real estate. I need to balance my dreams, my knowledge and my “voice of treason;” my angel and my ego (or negative voices from my past). I need to set the stage.

I am also the only employee; I am the only one to execute the plan, and it all falls apart if I sluff off. The best plan in the world won’t work if it’s not worked. That work must be done no matter what or we don’t make any money. It’s that simple. The bank does not take health excuses.

So I not only need to plan, but to actually DO what I plan. How do you force yourself through the headaches and the aches and the inability to think? There seems to be a wall between me and the keyboard — how do I smash it?

{And that’s what I’ve got so far. Suggestion and pointers to other good thoughts always welcome . . . 8-)}

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