Cold Veggie Pizza Recipe

At the family gathering for Christmas, my sister-in-law showed up with “veggie pizza.” It’s tough to describe, but it’s delicious, and so much cooler than trying to wander around with a plate of veggie bits and dabs of ranch dressing. I asked her for the recipe, and this is what she sent:

Veggie Pizza

2 pkg cresent rolls (you bake kind)
3/4 c mayo
1 pkg dry ranch mix (your choice of flavor)
11oz cream cheese
veggies of your choice chopped
1/2 c. each kind of cheese, cheddar and jack shredded and mixed together (I cheat and buy predone)

Unroll and connect all cresents together on baking sheet and bake following package instructions. Cool. Mix all other ingredients except veggies and cheese, spread on baked crust. Chop up veggies and spread on dressing layer. Add cheese. Press all layers together and either put in fridge or serve.


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